Heier Du Rietz was established February 2013, by Alexander Du Rietz and Liv Ragnhild Heier.

The dream was to make something on our own, and with Alexander’s long term interest in nature, plants and insects, we decided to start with beekeeping. The family farm in Vestre Gran, Hadeland and an urban city environment outside our apartment in Oslo, gives us the opportunity to have bees both in the city and country. The result is the purest honey without any additives, locally produced.

Alexander is a certified beekeeper. Along with his wife Liv Ragnhild, he has 6 beehives on the farm Heier and 2 hives on Mathallen in Oslo.


Beekeeper Alexander Du Rietz
+47 911 52 471

Manager Liv Ragnhild Heier
+47 900 60 516