Your company can make a contribute to the society

As a result of bees dying and lack of bees around the world, it is important to establish new bee gardens and get more bees “out to work”. More bees means more pollinated plants, which gives more diverse environment. This is especially important in city areas, since most beekeepers lives out in the countryside.

If your company would like to give back to the environment, and at the same time do something exciting and learn something new, we are happy to help you with becoming a bee garden host. All you need is a roof, garden or patio, where it is possible to place a beehive. Just like Mathallen, or such as the roof over Alna Senter. 

Alna Senter. Photo: Finn Ståle Felberg

Alna Senter. Photo: Finn Ståle Felberg

The honey that is produced in your own bee garden will be a nice gift to your costumers or employees. 

Not all companies have the space or possibility to have their own beehive. We can deliver pure, locally produced honey from Heier Gård in large quantity, as gifts to your employees, clients or your lunch tables. 

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Photo: Elisabeth Heier